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[7] Eternal Sonata
[10] Hetalia
[5] Junjou Romantica (Terrorist couple)
[4] Ke$ha
[22] Kuroshitsuji II
[5] Mozart l'Opera Rock
[11] No.6
[22] Pretear
[10] Total Eclipse
[6] Misc
  -1 Fatal Frame
  -1 High School Musical
  -1 Inuyasha
  - 1 Kyou Kara Maou
  - 1 Stock
  - 1 Yu-Gi-Oh

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Over here @ toniconsfavori

Discussion of the game

Beware spoilers, most of it will be under the fakecut

So I was playing the game again for the 3rd time when I started to notice some things. They never did go into the background of most of the characters, not even the bad guys. The only ones that are really talked about is Polka and Frederic. Most rpgs that contain such a small group, ususally by the end of the game, you know just about everything about each character or at least enough to know what happened to them in the past

For example: For Allegretto - Collapse )